Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Government okays pay hike for college teachers

NEW DELHI: The Centre on Tuesday announced the implementation of the much awaited pay revision for more than five lakh teachers in the universities and colleges
across the country.
Union Minister for Human Resource Development Arjun Singh said that all the recommendations of the Chadha committee have been accepted and they would be implemented with effect from January 1, 2006.
The UGC pay review committee headed by Prof G K Chadha had recommended 70 percent hike in pay and other emoluments for teachers in the universities and colleges.
The pay hike package would also be valid for state-run colleges and universities recognised by the UGC.
While the revision of pay will take effect from January 1, 2006, the allowances (except DA) and advance increments shall take effect from September 1, 2008.
Making a statement in the Lok Sabha, Minister of State for HRD Purandeswari said “We have begun a process of restoring the dignity and pride in being associated with the teaching profession.’’ According to the revised pay scales approved by the government, there shall be only three designations in respect of teachers in universities and colleges, namely, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors.
In place of “Grade Pay” as applicable to Central Government employees, the term “Academic Grade Pay” (AGP) shall be used for the teachers and equivalent positions.
Different Grade Pays of Rs 6,000, Rs 7,000, Rs 8,000, Rs 9,000, Rs 10,00 and Rs 12,000 have been approved as AGP for teachers and equivalent positions.
Higher Academic Grade Pay of Rs 6,000 has been recommended for all Assistant Professors at the entry level so as to make it more attractive compared to the entry level Grade Pay for the Civil Services and other professionals under the sixth Central Pay Commission.
Under the revised scheme, Assistant Professors have been placed in the Pay Band of Rs 15,600-39,100 entering at the AGP of Rs 6,000. A teacher with a PhD degree can move from the post of Assistant Professor to Associate Professor after completion of 12 years of service as Assistant Professor, spending four years at the AGP of Rs 6,000, five years at the AGP of Rs 7,000 and three years at the AGP of Rs 8,000.
Teachers with M.Phil and those with a postgraduate degree in a professional course entering as Assistant Professors can become Associate Professor after 13 years of service. The Associate Professors have been placed in the Pay Band of Rs 37,400- 67,000 with Grade Pay of Rs 9,000.


Rajat said...

It is totally injustice to the Assistant Professors as they are the actual workers in the colleges/universities as compared to the Associate Professors/Professors.The new much higher pay scale will make the Associate/Professors more idle and dependent on the Assistant Professors. There should be some justification to hike pay scale of Associate Professors and Professors more than twofold of that of the Assistant Professors.

prof.goyal said...

Congratulation to the government of india for clearance of revised pay scale.
But its not clear from the report that what procedure will be followed for lecturer in selection scale to be promted in associate professor.
generally state governments reduces in different way the pay scale which is not good from the point of view of parity.
Rajasthan government ,lead by Ashok gahlot has promised to give the salaries and allownces as given by the centeal government. its also mentioned in the menifesto of congrees.
lets hope that the Rajasthan government will also implement it asap.
Ramesh chandra Goyal
government PG cOLLEGE

Anonymous said...

Can I get the thread where govt has posted the announcement.....???
I poorly need that...

Tarun Kanti said...

The government should have okayed the Chadha recommendations like paying cent percent central assistance to the states. For, there would have been a plea for some states not to implement the new pay scales. Another more important thing is the Readers should be automatically designated as Associate Professor. All the States should implement it as a package including the age of retirement.