Friday, October 17, 2008

UGC OKs pay hikes; teachers to earn more than newly recruited babus

NEW DELHI: University Grants Commission on Wednesday accepted the report of its Pay Review Committee after making some minor changes in its recommendations. Acknowledging that Readers in colleges/universities could have got a better deal, UGC made some changes in the pay band. It also emphasised that after the pay hike, universities will have to ensure high teaching standards.
UGC will now send its recommendation to the HRD ministry. It has also been asked to give details of demands by teachers' unions and how the pay review committee has dealt with them. Now it is up to the HRD ministry to accept the recommendations after consulting the finance ministry. The full commission meeting on Wednesday was attended by a senior finance ministry official. It is expected that the government will implement the pay hike that will be effective from January 1, 2006.
UGC's Pay Review Committee has recommended a minimum of 70% salary hike along with a host of increments and allowances to teachers. At the entry level, an assistant professor (earlier called lecturer) would get at least Rs 5,000 more than a newly recruited IAS.
The report, given to the UGC on Friday, brings monthly salary of vice-chancellors at par with secretary in the government. Now it has been fixed at Rs 80,000. The committee has also recommended annual increment of 3% of the basic salary with compounding effect. But 25% of teachers in the pay band of Rs 15,600-39,100 would get 4% increment of the basic salary on the basis of better teaching and research performance.
The committee said the Centre should bear 100% burden of states for the next five years. In fact, if states implement all recommendations effectively, the committee said the Centre should bear 50% of salary burden for another five years.
The report puts premium on youth, creates new posts like senior professor, professor of eminence, makes career growth faster for those with impeccable academic credentials, scoffs at the trend of contract teachers, makes research easier, recommends pension after 20 years of teaching and wants teachers to get assessed by students. Now one can become professor within 15 years of joining the profession unlike the earlier 17 years.


rkmisra said...

The Hon`ble UGC Chairman has shown empathy,understanding & wisdom in recommending that very senior Readers with 15 yrs or more in that grade should be in PB-04, and not get the basic pay of their 30 years junior Lecturers. Chadha did a terrible job in hurry without understanding the imperative of building reward-structures in the form of rung upon rungs in a hierarchical order. If after 30-32 years a College teacher is to get the same basic pay that he got at the beginning of his career,if there is no hope, no ladder before him,how can he work?? What is the motivation for him ?? Chadha does not know (1) that Professor posts were abolished from College in 1998 by Dr. Joshi`s MHRD ; and, (2)the same MHRD had allowed senior Readers` placement in Rs.14940/- on 1.1.1996. If one got Rs. 14940/- in 1996 and Rs.18300/- in 2004-05 as a Senior Reader, how can he be lowered in 2008?? It is a death-blow to the Readers, nay, to the entire teaching community. It is heartening to see that Central Universities & AIFUCTO have taken up the grave injustice for kind redressal by the Hon`ble Minister. The Hon`ble MHRD Minister & Hon`ble UPA Chairperson should direct MHRD bureaucrats to treat all 15 years & more senior Lecturers, SG / Readers who stagnate in Rs.18300/- as Professors and give them the PB-04. How many in the IAS stagnate in the same grade for 15 years and more? If 1981 batch IAS can become Principal secretaries in the States,why cannot a 1971 batch College Teacher recruited by the State PSC become a Professor?? Basic questions will be raised if attempt is made to downgrade and humiliate very senior teachers. Chadha tried to kill the soul and spirit of Readers - destroyed their esteem & dignity.

Bhagwat said...

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