Friday, May 30, 2008

Pay Anomaly in the 8000 New Entry Scale

In Institutions those joined in 8000 scale fixed with 4 increments for PhD the basic is 9100. Those joined before 01.01.2006 for eg., 01.12.2005 in New Entry Group A 8000-275-13500 scale now got two increments. Totally Six increments. With new CPC Report now thier fixed pay is 22,670. But those joined after 01.01.2006 with PhD also going to fixed in the same Rs.22,670/-. If the new entry will get increment in Jan 2008 will be in the next scale ie., Rs.23,150/-. In case Jan 2007 means Rs.23,630/-. But those entered before 01.01.2006 and if that person will get increment on October 2008 will get the basic after freshly joined person. That means Junior will get more salary than Senior by 2 increments difference. Here the Pay Anamoly is noticed. Post your comments on this.

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