Thursday, April 3, 2008

UGC Pay Review Committee

In our State Medical, Veterinary and Agricultural Universities the New entry Assistant Professor Scale is Rs.8000-275-13500. The same scale is also given for the lecturers working in the Arts and Science Colleges. The lectures selected for arts and science selected based on their Master degree qualification. They are usually completed their PG degree in 2+3+2 pattern. At the same time the Assistant Professor selected for Professional colleges completed their degree in 2+5+2 pattern. They spent 2 more years to complete their UG qualification and in PG their research period is one year. At the same time for arts and science PG degree their project period is only 6 months. So the faculties selected for professional colleges should get higher start i.e. Rs.10000-325-15200 scale (As per 6th CPC Rs.15600-39100 + 6100). It’s a very important one to implement in the next pay commission. Because compare to arts and science faculties they spent 2 more years for UG degree and 6 more months for research. In what way they should differentiated from the regular faculties?
Similarly the faculties working in Medical and Veterinary Colleges and Research institutes/centers should be paid with Non Practicing Allowance(NPA). Because not all the staffs working in these institutes/centers are doing private practice. Only very tiny percentage of people doing practice that too their residence is near to a town or city. For this reason the people working in remote area institutes/centers are not getting NPA is not a reasonable one. And the institutes/centers are nowadays located or created in remote areas. Even they interested in doing practice, faculties working in the institutes/centers are not having time to do it. It’s a fact. The UGC Panel Review Committee for the next pay commission should consider this as most important one. The Scientists working in ICMR, ICAR organizations and the Medicos and Veterinarians working in central service are now getting NPA @ 25% of Basic. And numerous states are paying NPA for their facultiesIf they paid with NPA they will definitely concentrate more on Teaching or Research aspect.
One more thing is the HRA. Nowadays in cities the house rent is increased unimaginarily to an extreme level. One young Assistant Professor should pay half of his salary towards Rent. Because of this the young Assistant Professors posted at cities are not interested to work I cities like Chennai and willing to get transfer to their native place. So the institutes located in Metropolitan cities are in crisis situation and lacking of young faculties in their department, because of the house rent. It’s not an affordable one to young faculties. So, the HRA provided by the state government should not be a fixed one. It should be similar to the recommendation given by the 6th central pay commission, that too cities like Chennai it should not be a fixed one. It’s as similar to the 6th CPC recommendations i.e., percentage based one. If it is a fixed one it’s a very difficult one to manage the house rent until next pay commission.
Compare to IT professionals the Government Staffs getting very minimum salary for the past 5 years. To compensate this the government employees should be benefited with some more allowances in addition to this like medical claim, accidental claim, children’s education support, tax benefit, Housing loans, quarters facility, travel allowances, internet and communication, etc. The UGC Panel Review Committee for sixth pay commission should consider all the things for the benefit of employees in Teaching and Research aspect.

Interested persons/stakeholders are invited to give their views/comments on UGC Pay Review Committee in a concise manner by fax / e-mail / correspondence to Dr.K.C.Pathak Joint Secretary, Pay Review Committee University Grants Commission, 35-Ferozeshah Road New Delhi-110001 Fax:011-23386128 Tel:011-23386128

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Degree lecturers to get UGC scales:

Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy on Monday ‘responded positively’ to a request by leaders of the AP Aided Degree College Lecturers’ Association for implementing the revised UGC pay scales. N. V. Purnachandra Rao, chairman, and M. Yadagiri, general secretary, said in a statement that the Centre would bear from January 1, 2006 to 2010 eighty per cent of expenditure to be incurred while extending the pay scales to college and university teachers. The State had to meet the balance 20 per cent.